Taya777 First deposit bonus

50% First Deposit Bonus to all players as part of a special promotion. This is a thank you gift from the game development team to punters. This is like thanking you for your companionship and trust over the past period of time. Let’s take a look at the special gift that bookmaker Taya777 has prepared for this player.

Taya777 first deposit bonus
Taya777 first deposit bonus

First deposit bonus details:

1.New members can claim a 50%bonus of the first deposit amount.

2.Each member can only apply for one First Deposit Bonus.

3.The deposit and the bonus just need be wagered 15x.

For example:

The valid bets you need to make are:

  • [ DEPOS1T 1,000+BONUS 500 ]×15 = 22,500
  • [ DEPOS1T 5,000+BONUS 2,500 ]×15= 112,500

4.The system will monitor any form of fraud and will freeze the account for processing.

5.TAYA777’s Terms Condition apply.

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